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D2 Tactical Laser Tag

This business model has been created and tested time and time again to prove it WORKS! The difference between us and the other guys is we are the same people who invented and manufacture the Adventure Sports HQ brand of Tactical Laser Tag equipment. Unlike other companies we are not the middleman who has to make markup over markup. We are the manufacturer and retailer! Because of this, we can handle events of any size. If you need more taggers than are available, we can just make more. It is that simple! D2 Laser Tag is the world leader in Laser Tag rentals!

D2 Laser Tag is a really fun choice for kids and adults. A new take on this old favorite helps take the headache out of organizing your next celebration!

D2 Laser Tag’s kit is a fun an effective way to turn up the enjoyment and turn down the hassle.

Laser Tag is a game where players are each given a phaser with integrated sensors. Gamers then try to tag each other's sensors. The phaser keeps track of the game in real-time, so players know how many tags they made and how many times they have been tagged.

The phasers are safe and there isn't any kind of pain or projectiles involved like paintball or airsoft. They just emit infrared light, similar to a TV remote. So if you get tagged you can't feel a thing, but the cool lights and varied sound effects let you know what’s going on!

Additionally, they work well both in dark, dim light as well as outside in bright sunlight!

Laser Tag Here There and Everywhere!

We offer laser tag services for all occasions. Come in and play with us or we can come to you!

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