The Fortress is a one of a kind massive multi-level laser tag battlefield encompassing over 16,000 sq ft of indoor and outdoor structures and plays space. It is multi-level and purposely designed by a decorated,  US Army Military Training Specialist. The Fortress has the latest DMX lights, special effects, and a professional sound system to put our experience over the top! The Fortress will challenge the most elite laser tag players while being fun and forgiving for our younger laser tag troopers! Please stop by and check us out!

Alpha Warriors Red Base- Where the Red team Warriors Rule!
Sabre Knights Blue Base- Home of the Sabre Knights!
The Hill- Home of the Best Game Ever... D2 Fortress Total Domination and King of the Hill Missions
Pill Boxes- Elevated Battlefield Positions in which you get to man the worlds largest laser tag gun! The ASHQ 50 Cal!!
Red and Blue Forward Bases- Specific Capture and Hold Bases that each team much capture and hold for victory!