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1421 North Cowan Avenue, Building 5, Lewisville, TX 75057

Our Driveway is located between Granite-Zone, and WSM Tactical LLC on N. Cowan.

(Parking in the back!)


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Day Hours of Operation
Monday - Wednesday Closed
Thursday 4pm til 10pm
Friday 2pm til 10pm
Saturday 10am til 10pm
Sunday 12pm til 8pm
Call for more information 469-444-1750

The phasers are safe and there isn't any kind of pain or projectiles involved like paintball or airsoft. They just emit infrared light, similar to a TV remote. So if you get tagged you can't feel a thing, but the cool lights and varied sound effects let you know what’s going on!

Additionally, they work well both in dark, dim light as well as outside in bright sunlight!

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