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Laser Tag at Your Place

D2 Tactical Mobile Laser Tag at a Glance

  • D2 Comes to You
  • No bussing, coordinating travel and directions, no traffic
  • The Laser Tag Field is set up with a variety of pop up bunkers.
  • The bunkers enable the players to take cover.
  • The referee keeps the battleground challenging and fun by playing Game Modes such as Free for All, Capture the Flag, Zombies, Domination, Hostage Rescue and Team Deathmatch among others.
  • Our Staff will customize the games based on the age and experience level of the players
  • Many of these games involve realistic props programmed to be a part of the objective. Each weapon battle mode includes programmable Fire Rates, Clips, Health, Damage and Team Settings.
  • The Taggers are designed for bright sun, night play or indoor.
  • The referee can enable "auto-spawn" to allow players to rejoin the game after a set amount of time or immediately, the players go to their "Team Re-Spawn Station" and hit the button to re-spawn and get back into the action!

Low Price

the ultimate party at your place is here! Order yours today!

10 Players


90 Minutes

Any locations more than 30 minutes (drive time) from the Arena cost $50 per 30 minutes of time (the first 30 are free)