Laser Tag Bachelor Parties

Bachelor Parties are a blast at D2 Laser Tag

This is an event that the group will never forget. Now we get to see who really is the best man!

Many Options for Laser Tag Bachelor Parties

During our Normal Schedule

If you want your bachelor party on our normal hours you can book in few as 4 guests.

Need special scheduling for your party?

We can handle that too. We can schedule you for non-open hours if you want to get in serious laser tag with the guys on off hours.

Bachelorette Parties As Well

It's not just guys that love laser tag parties

We get a large number of Laser Tag Bachelorette parties as well! And some of these women are ruthless! Guys beware.

The gender battle parties are also a kick – so feel free to bring, guys, girls, or both and mix it up in an epic laser tag match.