Laser Tag Birthday Parties!

Laser Tag parties are great for ages 6-10!

Birthday Parties like no other.


This is so easy and so much fun. Our staff will teach the birthday kids how to work all the gear, and in no time they will be running around having the time of their lives.

Laser Tag Birthday Parties the whole family can enjoy.

The unique thing about laser tag birthday parties is everyone can participate. Mom, Dad, heck, even grandma and grandpa! So whether it’s a birthday for the kids, and dad want to shoot at them, or it’s a birthday party for dad and the kids want to teach him a lesson, Laser Tag Birthday Parties are cool!


Kids had a blast! Best Birthday Party Ever for my 14 year old.
Great day of Laser Tag Games. Had Pizza and Cake too. Awesome.
Thought this was for kids - but turning 29... again... I loved it!